Refuel by RU Dela Torre


After giving my life to the Lord, entrusting everything to Him, giving him the wheel of my life and being the Good Driver in Me – there comes a time that I wanted to experience again being the driver of my life and when I take it over again, my life becomes a mess again, confusions enters into my mind, problems arises, and underwent to the one of my biggest test last year and last year was the worst year of my life. And that made me decide to give it back to God again, And when I did that, amazingly, everything became normal, step by step problems solved. I felt that God’s hand is moving – and to maintain that I have to hold on to God, reading His word and communicating with Him through prayer makes me stronger everyday – and when I failed to read His word I feel dry, tired and weary to strive for everything in life.
Refuel is written by Pastor RU Dela Torre, a mix of personal reflections and devotional entries , it energize the reader while they are spending quiet times with God. And help the reader to go back to God’s Word and connect with Him again through prayer.
Deep inside each of us, there is a river of life. This river is a wonderful gift given to each of us by God. It flows with good health, a positive outlook on life, and a generous and forgiving attitude. Ideally, this river flows freely through us. When we allow this flow and keep our “well” from getting plugged-up, there’s a peace or an ease—a current that takes us along—and everything seems easier. Good things come our way. When wonderful opportunities are presented to us, we’re ready for them. On the other hand, there are those who always seem to be down, whether physically or emotionally. No matter what they do, they can’t seem to “snap out of it.” Their river has been stopped-up, and only a little trickle seems to pass through. Many people, however, have allowed their well to become stopped-up. They are always discouraged, and no matter what they do, they can’t seem to snap out of it. Years of neglect have turned a once power flowing river into a small stream. Everything’s hard—nothing comes easy. People with a stopped-up well have to strive for things that come easily to others. It’s as if they’ve become mired in a mud hole and every step is a struggle. Refuel will help you recharging your battery with the Lord, knowing God through His word, knowing His promises instore for us. Sometimes we have this struggles – issues like unforgiveness, anger, selfishness, offense and disobedience. These issues became like stones, dirt and debris that had caused our well to become stopped-up – Just remember, until you’re able to get your well cleared out and unclogged, everything will be difficult, disappointing and unfulfilling.. With this book and with the Bible, tap into that stream by clearing up what blocks its flow – and you will see that God will help you deal with the “stones” and “debris” that are stopping up your well. The issues – these issues are being dealt with one by one in my life. It’s been a long process, but the stones are much smaller today than they used to be – Be Recharge and Refuel by God.

5 out of 5 stars


Let It Snow by John Green, Maureen Johnson , and Lauren Myracle


♪♫♪  I’m dreaming of a White Christmas ♪♫♪

It’s not too late for me to read this kind of book that talks about Christmas and holiday season. Well to tell you the truth here in the Philippines, summer season had just started and other people are now in Boracay for their summer vacation and with the Holy Week vacation.

Let It Snow this is a three stories and three authors in one book. Each story is semi-connected to the other, giving us a full picture of the events of these characters night and the Christmas miracle that graced there lives. The Jubilee Express written by Maureen Johnson, Jubilee her protagonist finds herself stranded on a train in Gracetown in a huge snowstorm. A trip to the Waffle House introduces her to Stuart and friendship, or maybe something more, starts to form (to tell you the truth this one is my favorite among the three – funny and engaging and their story interested me). A Cheertastic Christmas Miracle written by John Green, hilariously describes the mission of three friends (Tobin, the Duke and JP) to get to the Waffle House where a group of cheerleaders are stranded and wanting to play Twister (Obviously it’s a masterpiece of John Green because of the most quotable lines in all – If you’ve read Green before, you’re already familiar with his formula: normal guy; nerdy, witty best friend; and mysterious, unattainable girl. His writing is so smart – it beats me why he doesn’t mix it up sometimes.). and lastly, The Patron Saint of Pigs written by Lauren Myracle, It focuses on an extremely self-focused character, Abbie and it shows that lost love can be found again with the help of Starbucks, angels, and even a pig (It was my least favorite – the story of Lauren Myracle, there was something snappy about her writing that was striking).
Let It Snow, it was a beautifully connected story of teenage love and loss. The authors each offer their own unique style while masterfully interlacing the people and places of the story. It was sweet, light-hearted and entertaining, the authors did a good job of interweaving the stories and characters and I think the book had a good sense of atmosphere. It is worth a read if you’re looking to escape a stormy night, or feeling nostalgic for your years of teenage angst.

I stood under the awning for a moment, but finally I decided that being in a bad mood with your friends beats being in a bad mood without them.

3 out of 5 stars