Pretending To Be Erica by Michelle Painchaud

I have to write this immediately. I mean, my review for this book, while I still have the Violet-Erica hangover.

Because of Goodreads I met this novel. I read the synopsis in advance because the title caught my attention. I want to know what the novel is all about.
Violet was raised by a criminal to be a con artist. Her mission? To con a wealthy woman whose daughter, Erica, had been kidnapped when she was four years old. Violet was adopted by her “father” when she was young and her whole life has been a prelude to the scam.
The entire story intrigues me, simply because it’s creepy and twisted and I just can’t believe that Violet is a fabulous con artist: very smart… she knows very well what she’s doing and the consequences of getting caught. Things start turning complicated as Violet starts forming attachments with people in Erica’s life.
Michelle Painchaud is a brilliant writer, Pretending to be Erica is her debut novel and when I find out about this in Goodreads, my reaction was “are-you-kidding-me?”Really, I am truly impressed, her writing style hooked me in from the very first page, I found it difficult to break away from her novel, to the point that I don’t want to put my e-reader down, I really wanted to finish it all in one sitting (but,that’s not possible… I have workloads to do and I am a wife). I was amazed with the story that Michelle Painchaud crafts along with the characters that she creates. She includes peripheral characters who add to the tense, climactic ending. Twist and turns aplenty keep the reader turning page after page until the very satisfying ending.
Pretending to be Erica is a young adult thriller. The protagonist is a character with questionable motives and an even more indeterminate past. Touching and with a beautiful turn-around at the end, this book will keep the readers thinking long after they have closed the book.

” The boy doesn’t know who I am. He thinks he does. He’s good to talk to—challenges my brain. Seems like he’s always trying to look inside of me. It’s nice. To have someone try to figure you out. He never will, but the effort is nice. “

5 stars out of 5


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