Lone Diner

There are times I am like this; I just want to be alone. Alone in everything such as walking on the street, window shopping, being inside of a bookstore and eating. Yeah! being a lone diner (you might tell me that, oh no! that quite sad – well, for me it’s not). Actually I did it yesterday, entering this fast food chain all by myself and ordered this food that just for me, after I gave my orders the cashier asked me If I am expecting someone to joined me on a table, I said, No, it’s just me, myself, and I and my belongings. And that stare as if telling me “seriously?-are-you-crazy-for-eating-here-alone”, Of course I am not crazy, I wanted to be alone for now, as simple as that. So I picked a table for two in the middle of the food chain, which was not too crowded for me. And maybe because yesterday, was a very long day for me that I desired to be alone, eating all by myself. And I find it cool – being silently observing people around me – watching those people who goes in and out of this fastfood chain – noticing how the food-server doing their job happily, cleaning the tables after the customer leaves (which I didn’t do when I am with someone).  Here comes my order, I ordered a bowl of full size Lasagna that with so much mozarella ang parmesan cheese in it, a soda, and a solo size Hawaiian pizza and again a bottle of hot sauce.


Well, basically I am used to spending so much time being all by myself, but I don’t want to call myself a loner, maybe I am an Introvert at all times, or I’m just not good in communicating with other people personally. That’s all, But in my heart I crave to have a friends.
By the way, today is Friday the 13th, so guys hope you will enjoy this day. Be careful, stay gorgeous and be happy.


Nilagang Baboy as the Star of Our Lunch

nilagang baboy

After the long day of watching different action thriller films, here I am looking for food to eat and I really thank the Lord for a having a thoughtful mother who prepared a very delicious meal for us. May I introduce you to her “Nilagang Baboy”, one of the Pinoy’s simplest dish that you will ever encounter, it is so simple it’s just meat boiled water with vegetables of your choice, it might sound bland but if you get it right, you will get the essence of the meat you are using. Preparing this dish is similar to making your own stock the only difference is that this is a dish with meat and vegetables that you can consume. To get a good flavour from this simple dish I guess we need to start with some basic rule of thumb for making a stock flavourful and here are some tips:

  1. Use the basic ingredients that complement the meats flavours are onions, carrots and celery. And use the following ratio 2 onions : 1 carrot : 1 celery: 3 -4 potato (or more for those who loves potato, like us ;p)
  2. Another rule is to slow cook it and not to boil the liquid.
  3. Remove any scum that rises to the top.
  4. For 1 kg of soup bones use 2 litres of water.
  5. Use a long and deep pot for simmering.

I believe this dish already existing and being enjoyed in other cuisines in different countries, with a different style of cooking as well. And this is just my mother’s way of cooking.

Adobong Pusit for Lunch


When the clock struck at 12 noon. Office door closed but never forget to put a note on the office door “Lunch break – 12:00nn to 1:00pm”.


For today I decided for lunch to eat something that I hadn’t eaten yet for the year of 2015, and it is Adobong Pusit with Mango Shake. In our home, I think when 2015 entered Mama has forgotten to cook this for us. And maybe I just miss eating this.


Adobong pusit is a very common way to cook adobo, a Spanish name for a Filipino dish, a stew with vinegar, soy sauce, garlic and black pepper. The texture is more gummy. My Mother says that the technique in cooking squids is not to overcook since cooking them in longer time will make it the texture harder. And for me to enjoy eating this is to pour out hot sauce over my adobong pusit.

Today is Friday, Happy Lady!

Ohh Myy… It’s Friday, tomorrow is Saturday and the following day is Sunday, that’s my schedule to cheat. But.. I have sinned..Because today I just can’t resist, our office is located infront of Starbucks, and for about 5 months I wasn’t able to tasted it, and I thought I forgot what Starbucks food taste like, but then I’ve decided to go out, and buy my lunch.


A Sausage Roll, It’s perfectly baked with mustard dressing, tender juicy sausage filling and covered with a soft & crispy dough (mouthwatering, hahaha) and Raspberry Truffle Mocha Frappucino – raspberry-flavored mocha topped with raspberry whipped cream and espresso truffle sauce. Who can resist this? Well, we can eat out at many restaurants and lose weight, it is all about how many calories we consume. Once again, everything in moderation wins.

Actually, it is so hard to discipline ourselves when it comes to food, we love to eat don’t we?

Teddy’s Burger, Exactly The Way I Want It

I am thankful for those who brought Teddy’s Bigger Burger here in the Philippines. I thought I need to fly to Hawaii just to experience eating this kind of burger, (of course for now I can’t travel to that country, but soon in God’s time, hehehe). I stumbled upon this burger when I and my friends been to greenbelt  after watching a movie, and decided to eat before we call it a day, and here we are!!


Teddy’s Bigger Burger has a menu containing four main types of burgers (Teddy’s Original Burger, Cheese Burger, Teri Burger and Monster Double Burger).

Teddy's Original Burger

                                     Teddy’s Original Burger

Customer’s can have the burgers made according to their specifications, and a freedom to choose the size of their patty. Side dishes are available  at Teddy’s and they are limited to four – thick-cut potato fries, flavored fries, potato tots and onion rings.


Drinks here include the usual soda, juice, iced tea, lemonade and float, and shakes in six flavors (strawberry, chocolate, coffee, vanilla, banana and peanut butter – yeah right a peanut butter shake!).  The thickness makes it like melted ice cream so that’s bit hard to slurp too. But that’s what makes it a great milkshake. Delicioso!!


Teddy’s will not make you feel shortchanged as you get what you pay for in terms of taste and quality. Burgers are only cooked upon order so service may be a bit slow, but the flavors more than make up for it.
Here in the Philippines, every Filipino loves to eat and we love to try different kinds of food. Most especially if it’s new to the place, unique and puts some promise to our tastebuds.

Teddy’s Bigger Burger is located at Level 3, Greenbelt 3, Ayala Center, Makati City, Philippines

Chocomada (Chocolate and Ensaimada) for My Tummy

Chocolate is one of my weaknesses, especially when I am sad, or having a  bad day. According to research, they have a content which releases a”feel good” chemical in your brain that makes you happy. Experience the sweet pleasure in every mouthful of bites!
Yesterday, I was really busy doing paperworks, and I need to finish those for we are having a long vacation, due to the Papal Visit here in the Philippines, and I have to finish everything so that everythings a brand new day for me on Monday. I was out in the office for awhile to deliver some letters signed by my boss to other departments. And when I came back to my working desk I found this chocolates and a special ensaimada, and the inner child of mine just got activated. Thanks a lot to my generous boss.

CHOCOMADA - Chocolate and Ensaimada (insert)

CHOCOMADA – Chocolate and Ensaimada (insert)

The Chocolates

                         The Chocolates

Pancake, Egg and Bacon with Love

Happy Morning! I arrived 3 minutes late today in the office.. sounds bad for me, it’s my first late for the year 2015, OMG! yesterday I slept too early, hmmm.. around 8 o’clock in the evening, then I woke up today at 7 in the morning, as in my reaction was wtf?! I was in hurry, but I still arrived late. How come?

A cup of coffee. (The mug that I used was the one I got from gift exchange in our Christmas Party)

A cup of coffee. (The mug that I used was the one I got from gift exchange in our Christmas Party)

Pancake with Egg and Bacon. (Thank you Mama!)

Pancake with Egg and Bacon. (Thank you Mama!)

No breakfast, not even a cup of coffee, and just to forget and move on about my late, I just go to our pantry, get a cup of coffee and put my breakfast for today in a plate that my mother prepared for me this morning (she loves me so much talaga!). And let’s eat.. ooopppss, never forget to share your food with your office mates. Have a great day everybody!

Shawarma as Merienda

After a long walk.. just wandering..window shopping.. spotted the food court and my stomach just, eeaaattt…let’s eeaaattt.. and What for now?

Beef Shawarma

Beef Shawarma

Before I never eat any kind of Shawarma, my eyes just don’t like it. Until I met my boyfriend he’s the one who persuaded me to taste it. And to my surprised my taste bud really likes it.

Turk's Shawarma

Turk’s Shawarma

Pinoy in nature (Shawarma), has a twist. It tastes ‘Pinoy’, a bit sweet. The meat is tender, not garlicky, not peppery, and not too spicy, though you may request to add more hot sauce. Just right for any age. Sizes are in Large and Regular, all-meat or the usual. I always get a large all-meat shawarma with hot sauce (again, hot sauce).

Breakfast in Tagaytay

Goodmorning!! where am I? where am I? Ooopppsss… I am here in Tagaytay, kinda cold here huh! Let’s go to..

Just being so excited, after so many years since I've been here.. (memories.. hahaha..just kidding)

Just being so excited, after so many years since I’ve been here.. (memories.. hahaha..just kidding)

It’s also not that obvious on the photo but immediately upon entering the gate, you’ll already see seating areas to your right and left apart from these ones along the hallway. They are indeed so cozy and some even have sofas for customers to lounge on. There are seating areas that are open air while others are enclosed.


And for this type of very cold temperature.. Of course.. coffee is my bestfriend, and it has to be a partner.. an apple pie!!

the aroma that made me falling in love even more on the coffee

the aroma that made me falling in love even more on the coffee

fillings is amazing!!

fillings is amazing!!

Again, They never failed to satisfy my appetite, it was a pleasant dining experience. The portions were really big and the food was yummy. Just like before.

Bag of Beans is located at General Emilio Aguinaldo Highway Mendez Crossing West, Tagaytay City, Tagaytay-Nasugbu Highway, Tagaytay, Cavite,Philippines
or you may visit their website at http://www.bagofbeans.com.ph

Longsilog at 1:30 in the Morning.

After visiting our relatives last night, we decided to go home at around 12 midnight even though we wanted to stay very late but my brother and sister need to be in school early in the morning including me I also need to be in the office early in the morning. So we got home at 12:30 am, and afterwards I wanted to eat something heavy, although we already ate in my relative’s house, but I really wanted to eat rice, my stomach crave for that, our relatives only cooked pasta for dinner and bread, and seriously I am not satisfied for that. Luckily our house is very accessible to different food establishments, so my sister accompanied me to the nearest Tapsilog stall and here’s what I’ve got “Longsilog topped with hot sauce”, Yehey!. Actually I can’t live without hot sauce, it made me enjoy my food.. really. And this is my first food cheating for 2015.