Back On Track by RU Dela Torre

Back On Track

Thank God! When I am down and feeling wanting to give up, I want to read some encouraging book and inspiring book that really tells about God’s love. And this time the book that I decided to be my everyday encourager, and the source of my spirit’s strengths (aside from the Bible of course) is from RU Dela Torre’s second book the Back on Track. One year ago I have read his first one the Road Trip (my book review for that is located on my goodreads account). Back on Track is a 112 pages, that full of Author’s inspiring story, how God always saves his day from little things to the huge one. And from the Road trip book RU encourage his reader to Let the Lord be the driver of our lives, which is great because when I did that God handles my life, and blessings overflow in me and with my family (financially, emotionally and mentally).
As the Back on Track tells, when the Lord is in charge to the steering wheel of our lives, all we can do is just to relax, sight-seeing new places and experiencing new things , UNTIL we get bored, and we think that we wanted to drive again, and control our lives again.And when the Lord allow us to drive again, here we come being so excited to go whereverwe want without thinking or listening to no one.And then here comes the error/mistakes/being out of control. And then the we realized that we are officially lost..lost in the middle of nowhere in our lives, and can’t seem to find our way to back to the track that will lead us to God, or in the middle of a big mess because we have made wrong choices and are now struggling to pick ourselves up, consequences left and right hit us hard and knocked us down. But then we almost forgot our GOOD Driver, that He is always there with us, that all we need is His GRACE, and that Grace is enough and sufficient. That there is no such sin, no failure and no istake is ever too big to crowd out the Grace of God. God is not giving up on us, so we must NOT give up on Him. Through God’s Grace, a clean slate is up for grabs. A fresh start is ours for the taking, we have to get up and get moving. The second chance begins when we invite HIM again to take the driver’s seat again. And the first step to recovery is let Him have the steering wheel. It’s time for us to get back on Track.
I really wanted to thank Ru Dela Torre for sharing his talent in writing through these books. He surely did touch many lives from his stories. God is using him to change other’s lives. It’s not too late to get back on track, you know that our God doesn’t make a list of our sins. He forget those sins as soon as we asked for forgiveness. Trust God that his grace is enough to pass each test and if ever you fail along the way, there is another bucket full of GRACE ready to be poured on you. Just get back up and allow God to direct your life. Let Him take the wheel and He will bring you to where He wants you to be.


Lolo Kiko


Santo Papa..

Santo Padre..

Lolo Kiko..

Pope Francis..

The visit of the Pope Francis will be a major historic event in the Philippines. This is the most unforgettable event of this whole year and the following years. Every Filipino are all eager to see him personally, that is why even those who lives in far places, they really made sure that they will come in Manila just to see Him.

I am a Non-Catholic person, and I can’t denied how I felt that time, watching Him on television alone, I felt goosebumps all over me, and I was this emotional, and  unexplained happiness and when he spoke, I just can’t explain the feelings that I have that time. He’s just fine, and the goodness that was radiating from him and I saw the holiness in Him. A very humble man, with an unlimited smile on his face, and it seems that he never get tired even if he is a 78 years old man.

January 15-19, 2015, was a huge impact in the life of every Filipino. Sparked by the enthusiasm surrounding his arrival, I didn’t expect that there will be a renewal of faith, bolstering ethical and moral traditions in every Philippine regions. Pope Francis asks us Filipinos not to focus on him,, but rather to shift our focus to Jesus Christ and the life that He Leads. Mercy and Compassion, was the theme of Pope Francis’ visit to the Philippines, where devastation from Typhoon Yolanda is still being felt more than a year later. Our beloved Pope comes to show his deep concern for Filipino people most especially with the Visayan People, who also was an earthquake victim. He comes to confirm us in our faith as we face the challenges of witnessing the joy of the Gospel in the midst of our trials.

Thousand of cheering people lined the streets of Manila to see Pope Francis; children, senior citizens, male and female were present. He never failed to smile and waved to the crowd as his vehicle moved fairly rapidly through the cleared streets. I also observed that he doesn’t want to be treated as someone special. As we look at the vehicle he used, they are not bullet-proof, he wanted the vehicle to be open so that he can feel the closeness to the Filipino people.

Another thing that made me amazed to him and made him more interesting was when I found some information regarding his humbleness and humility. Here are the example:

  • He often end his encounters with the people by saying, “I ask you to pray for me”.
  • Pope always begin his remarks by asking permission from the crowd to speak in Spanish.
  • He approached people, especially the little children by meeting them personally, kissed and blessed them. And that’s a beautiful sign of closeness and humility.
  • He takespublic transport everyday. (Rev. Eduardo Mangiorotti – Argentine Priest)
  • In Vatican Hotel, he was the one who picked up his luggage and personally thanked each member of the staff, and even paid his own bill.
  • He also chose to live in an apartment instead of the archbishop’s palace passed on a chauffeured limousine and cooked his own meals (John Allen-CNN Vatican Analyst)
  • He refused to used a platform to elevate himself above the cardinals standing with him as he was introduced to the world as Pope Francis.

Pope Francis has had many quotable quotes ranging from the inspiring to the amusing. Here are some of them:

  • Only by becoming poor ourselves, by stripping away our complacency, will be able to identify with the least of our brothers and sisters (During His Homily at the Manila Cathedral)
  • I have two wishes; First, please pray for me, second, be quiet. (Candidly tells to the cheering crowd at Palo Cathedral)
  • I hope that this prophetic summons will challenge everyone, at all levels of society, to reject every forms of corruption which diverts resources from the poor, and to make concerted efforts to ensure the inclusion of every man and woman and child in the life of the community. (Malacanang)
  • Wow! The Filipino are energetic. Thay don’t get tired…
    The future of the Church is in Asia. I saw it in Sri Lanka, and I saw it here.
  • The pilot if the plane has insisted we have to live at 1 p.m.. because the weather forecast says after 1 .pm. It will get much worse. So I apologize to all of you. I am so sorry about this because I had something especially prepared for you. (At Palo Cathedral)
  • Ang kahabagan ng Diyos, ang kanyang sakripisyo, ay nagbibigay saysay sa halaga sa lahat ng ating paghihirap. (Pope Francis on Twitter)
  • It is now, more than ever, necessary that political leaders be outstanding for honesty, integrity and commitment to the common good.
  • We need to see each child as a gift to be welcomed, cherished and protected.
  • Filipinos are called to be outstanding missionaries of the faith in Asia.
  • Some of you have lost part of your families. All I can do is keep silence and walk with you all with my silent heart.
  • We have a Lord who is capable of crying with us, capable of walking with us in the most difficult moments of life.
  • Women are able to pose questions that we men do not understand.
  • The Philippines needs holy and loving families to protect the beauty and truth of the family in God’s plan.
  • What is the most important subject you have to learn in life? To learn how to love. And this is the challenge that life offers you.
  • If you don’t learn how to cry, you can’t be a good Christians, this is a challenge, don’t be frightened of crying.
  • Allow yourselves to be surprise by God.

Pope Francis given us so much hope, joy, peace, and love. He encouraged us and enlightened the Filipinos heart and mind in God’s word. As he leaves the Philippines, our hearts were filled with sadness most especially when he gave a crowd a final blessings and a humble bow. We want to thank Pope Francis for visiting, and for the concern in our country, and for teaching us the true essence of mercy and compassion, surely we will follow your message that you have imparted to us.

Page 7 of 365

Let us start the 7th day of the year with a great Word from our Creator to strengthen our spirit.

Philippians 2:13
For it is God who works in you both to will and to do for His good pleasure.

Have you ever tried to break a bad habit on your own? You probably found that when you tried to stop it by sheer willpower, you saw improvement for a while, and then bounced back to square one. Worse, you found yourself binging on the very thing that you were trying not to do. And your condition is worse than before you started your “I’m going to quit” program!

The changes were temporary because it was you doing it.

A good friend of mine who had been a chain-smoker used to believe that with willpower, he could quit smoking. He would tell himself, “If there is a will, there is a way!” But he discovered that with willpower, he could stop smoking for a week or two, and then he would succumb to the pull of nicotine again.

When he turned his life over to God and learnt about God’s grace, he told God, “I realize that I cannot stop smoking. I cannot, but You can break my habit, Lord.” And every time he lit up, he would say, “Lord, I am trying to stop smoking, but I cannot. I am trusting You.” He would even say, “I am still righteous because of Jesus’ blood.”

Well, in the very same year, all his cravings to smoke vanished! When asked how he succeeded, he would say, “It is entirely God and none of me! It is all by His grace.” This man lost all the desire to smoke. That is true transformation.

When you receive the grace of God to do for you what you cannot do, you will experience effortless and permanent change on the inside, which in turn changes your actions on the outside. The Bible tells us that God works in us to give us both the will and ability to perform what He desires. It is God who removes the old want to’s and gives us new ones. And He even gives us the power to carry them out!

Beloved, look to His grace to do what you cannot do. Say, “Lord, I cannot, but You can!” Then, what you experience will not merely be behavior modification, but true and lasting inward transformation!

Thoughts For The Day
It is God who removes your old want to’s and gives you new ones.